The Other Six

Scripture Reading for 12/08/19 Isaiah 35, Matthew 3:1-12

Monday: Read Romans 15:4. Since the New Testament hadn't been assembled yet, the Scriptures Paul referred to here is the Old Testament (O.T.). What are some ways the O.T. can be helpful to us? Often, we look for moral lessons in O.T. stories, but one of the greatest lessons we learn is about God's never-ending mercy and grace despite our sin. How does God display His grace and mercy in the O.T.? How does He display it today?

Tuesday: Read Romans 15:5-6. In the Old Testament (O.T.) we see God's forgiveness for the people of Israel again and again. In fact, He goes out of His way to draw them back to Him so He can forgive them. In what way does this example encourage us to act towards each other? Reflect on your relationships. Are there any relationships where you need to work on forgiveness?

Wednesday: Read Romans 15:7 Jesus accepted you even though you were a spiritually dead sinner, a person who was hostile towards God. He didn't ignore your sin but instead forgave it. We are called to do the same with one another. Consider how you treat people when you meet them. Do you find yourself judging certain people or dismissing some? How does this verse challenge those attitudes?

Thursday: Read Romans 15:5-7 and 2 Corinthians 5:20-21. As a Christian, you represent Jesus to the people around you. How does enduring with one another and accepting others affect how someone might think about God? How would not enduring with or accepting others affect how people might think about God? Ultimately, according to Romans 15, what is one of the effects we hope for by treating others well?

Friday: Read Romans 15:8-13. Here Paul points out how Jesus humbled Himself in order to fulfill God's promises to the Patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac, etc.) and Israel. God always keeps His promises. How does seeing God keep His promises to Israel give you joy, peace, and hope as described in verse 13? What promises do you especially like to remember?

Saturday: Read Romans 15:14-16. Sometimes we look to Pastors to instruct us, but Paul, here, is convinced that the whole church is able to instruct one another. Have you ever considered yourself as one who could instruct? If you feel inadequate to instruct, what can you do to help with that so that you feel more capable?