The Other Six

Scripture Reading for 12/2219 Romans 1:1-7, Matthew  1:18-25

Monday – Read Matthew 1:1. Matthew begins with a genealogy and Matthew specifically starts by calling Jesus the son of David and the son of Abraham. God promised Abraham that through his lineage, God would bless all nations. God promised David one of his descendants would have a kingdom that never ended. How does Jesus fulfill both these promises?


Tuesday – Read Matthew 1:18-25. Why was Mary being pregnant a problem for Mary and Joseph? Joseph was going to quietly divorce Mary to protect her reputation; however, he doesn't when the Angel explains that this child is from God and that He will save His people from their sins. This was good enough for Joseph, but it didn't remove the controversy. God's plans don't always make life easy for us. What are some things God asks us to do which may make life more difficult for us?


Christmas – Read Luke 2:1-21 Merry Christmas!!


Thursday – Read Matthew 2:1-4. Jesus is the promised savior for all people, Jews, and Gentiles. In this passage, however, we see 2 very different responses to the birth of Jesus. The magi may not have fully understood who Jesus was, but they knew He was important and they worshiped Him. Herod, also saw that Jesus was important, but he was greatly troubled. Herod was afraid he might lose his rule and that was most important to him. Sometimes people do that, today, either rejecting Jesus entirely or not refusing to let go of something in our lives. Reflect on your life for a few minutes. Is there anything you are holding onto and making more important than God?


Friday – Read Matthew 2:1-2, 5-6. The Magi went to Jerusalem to find Jesus. After all, Kings come from capitals, right? Nope. Jesus came from the little town of Bethlehem. Jesus was born to simple, poor Mary and Joseph. The Angels announced the birth to shepherds. God came to the humble and lowly. God's ways are different than man's. God doesn't look at status or wealth, but judges with righteousness and faithfulness. How does this change how we view ourselves? How does this change how we view others? How does this change what we strive for?


Saturday – Matthew 2:13-15. Herod was on the rampage, but that wouldn't stop God's plan of salvation. He saves Mary, Joseph, and Jesus by having them go to Egypt. Over the centuries, God has done this over and over. Whether it is a little shepherd, David, slaying a giant the most seasoned soldiers were afraid of or God preserving a remnant in Israel during the time of Elijah, God's plan of salvation would not be stopped. What does this tell you about God's love for you (and the rest of humanity)? Take a few minutes to thank God for bringing about His plan of salvation for humanity even when humanity resisted and tried to stop Him.