The Other Six

Scripture Reading for 12/2219 Galatians 4:4-7, Matthew  2:13-23


Monday– Romans 8:18. How did this past year go? Are there things that you are struggling with even now? In Romans, Paul writes about suffering. He doesn’t ignore the suffering or deny it. He acknowledges it but puts it in context. Our life in Christ is better and any suffering we endure now doesn’t compare to the life to come with Jesus. Read John 14:2-4 and Revelation 7:13-17. Consider those struggles from this past year again, but do it remembering the promises of the life to come in Christ.


Tuesday Read Psalm 32:3-5. David sinned like anyone else. In this Psalm, he talks about how he made things even worse, though, by resisting repentance. When he finally confessed his sins, he received forgiveness, rest, and healing. As this year comes to a close, do you have any sins you need to repent? Take a few minutes to confess your sins then read 1 John 1:9.


Wednesday – Read 2 Corinthians 5:17. As you start this new year, be reminded that in Christ all things are made new. This doesn’t mean everything goes the way you want once you believe in Jesus, but it does mean that He has forgiven and renewed you and given you new life. His Spirit lives and works in you to create the Fruit of the Spirit in your life. How do you see God working in your life?


ThursdayRead Isaiah 40:30-31. Do you ever get tired? Not just tired at the end of the day, but weary of life’s challenges? God understands. He gives us strength in those times of weariness. Pray for strength. Pray that God would renew your passion, hope, and endurance.


Friday Read Ephesians 4:22-24. As the new year begins many people make resolutions. Many of these resolutions are based on the wisdom of the world. God, however, has different, better wisdom. His ways are holy, righteous, and better. Take a few minutes to think about God’s ways and your life. Consider making a resolution regarding following His ways.


Saturday Read 1 Peter 1:3. Take a few minutes and think about the declarations and promises in this passage. How wonderful are the grace and mercy of God!!