The Other Six

Scripture Reading for 01/05/20 Ephesians 3:4-12, Matthew  2:1-12


Monday  Read 1 Peter 1:13. How do you prepare yourself for your day? In today's passage, we're encouraged to prepare ourselves. As part of that prep, Peter encourages us to set our hope fully on the grace you'll receive when Christ returns. We often sway from highs and lows based on what happens in a day. How would looking further down the road, to Jesus' return, and setting our hope on that change how we go through the day?

Tuesday Read Ephesians 5:1-2. What is the command in this passage and what is the Gospel message? When God tells us to love with sacrificial love, He does so in light of the sacrificial love Jesus showed us. He loved us before we loved Him (Praise God!), so He tells us to love others even when they aren't loving towards us.

Wednesday Read Amos 5:14-15. Will God aid you as you rob a bank? How about as we gossip? Steal? Tear someone down? No...sort of. We should not expect God to help our sinful plans and actions, but He does still continue to work for our good despite our sin. How might He do that? He may frustrate those sinful plans. He may burden our hearts with guilt. Whatever it is, God continues to work in our lives to bring us to repentance and to receive forgiveness. Praise God! However, when we seek His will and love good, He can bless our actions as well.

Thursday  Read Matthew 6:19-20. What is most important to you? Are you more concerned with your TV and car or with your faith and spiritual growth? Jesus tells us to treasure the gifts of God, things like His Word, worship, prayer, Christian fellowship, and love. Everything else will eventually disappear, but the things of God are eternal. Are there some ways you need to shift what you treasure?

Friday 1 Peter 1:15-16. To be holy is to be set apart for a special, Godly purpose. We are called by God to act as His holy people, but why? He doesn't say, "Be holy and I'll love you." He says to do it because He is holy. Jesus has adopted us with His blood as His children. He has made us holy and righteous and then says, "Now, act like who I have made you." We don't make ourselves holy by our actions, rather our holy actions come from God having made us holy by His grace.

Saturday Read Psalm 118:5-6. Life can get pretty difficult and scary at times. Job loss, sickness, broken relationships, etc. can hurt us and cause great fear. Fear not! How wonderful that the Lord has told us to come to Him when we suffer, are anxious, or are afraid. He will listen and answer. Take a few minutes to pray and lay your fears and suffering at Jesus' feet. He will listen and answer.