The Other Six

Scripture Reading for 03/01/20 Genesis 3:1-21 and Matthew 4:1-11 


Monday – Read Psalm 73:25-26. What would you most like to have? What is most important in your life? Between the media, other people, and our own minds, we have a lot of vying to be high on our priority list. Do you want a big house? Do you need the new iPhone? Do you want a spouse? What do we really need, though? God. That’s it. He loves us, saves us, sustains us, forgives us, renews us, and provides for us. That’s what the Psalmist is expressing. Jesus said it like this. “Seek first the Kingdom of God and all this will be added to you.” The trick is realizing that trusting God with our lives is the best thing we can do for ourselves and others. Take a few minutes to examine your life and priorities.


Tuesday– Read Job 23:10-11. Do you like tests? Do you like being tested? The Bible tells us that God will never tempt us to sin, but He does test us. There’s a big difference. Think of Abraham and Isaac (Gen 22). That’s a test! Job says that God knows the way He takes because God tested him. It’s not that God didn’t know before the test. It’s that the test allowed Job and God to experience what would happen. They may not be fun to go through, but tests strengthen us. They teach us about God’s faithfulness. They help us trust.


Wednesday – Read Isaiah 55:8-9. Do you think God is fair? It’s something we may struggle with sometimes. There are some events in the Bible that may shock us. However, let me ask you…Is God stronger than you? You’d probably say, yes. Does God know more than you? Yes. Is He wiser than you? Yes. These things we generally accept, but we also need to realize that God’s justice is more just than ours. Our fallen nature affects our attitude towards sin. It affects our sense of judgment as well. Our ways are not God’s way nor our thoughts His thoughts. Sometimes we simply have to accept that God is God…and we are not. And, no, God isn’t fair, but I praise Him for it! A fair God doesn’t send His Son to the cross in our place. A loving, gracious, and just God does.


Thursday – Read Joshua 1:9. What is a time when you have lost your nerve and that prevented you from doing something? Fear is something we all have to deal with. Joshua delivers this message the second time the people of Israel were at the entrance to the Promised Land. The first time, they all (except Joshua and Caleb) let fear overcome their trust in God. So, this time, Joshua keeps repeating, “Be strong and courageous,” and “the Lord your God will be with you.” It’s a good message for us, too. Why be strong and courageous? How? Because God is with us. When we follow Him, even into scary situations, we have nothing to fear. He is with us. Is there something you’ve been holding off on because of fear?


Friday – Read Deuteronomy 6:6-7. What do you focus on? What takes up a lot of time in your day? We have a lot vying for our time. Generally, you can tell what is most important to you by what you spend your time on. Here’s Moses is telling Israel (and God telling us) that God should be foremost on our minds and saturate our time. It’s not that we can’t do other things, but God should be a part of them and we should always look for ways to spend time with Him in Word and prayer and talk about Him with others, especially our kids.


Saturday – Read Isaiah 25:1. What are you doing next weekend? How about next year? We often make plans. Sometimes we do them. Sometimes not. When God makes plans, He always follows through and He has made some awesome plans! How wonderful to consider that when God blesses us, He planned that a long time ago. Do we need to worry? Nope. God knows the plans He has for us…and they are awesome.