Holy Trinity Lutheran Church believes that Jesus Christ has called his people to gather together in his name (i.e. congregation).  The Christian faith is not only an individual activity, rather it is only fully lived out in the midst of a community.  The end goal of the Christian faith is that the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ would be fully realized by the church on the last day when a new world is revealed.  In the new creation, there will be a completely restored relationship with God and with the community of faith.  


Christians are called to live into this reality now, and the body of Christ participates in the worship life of the congregation.  In the midst of congregation life, you will have the chance to experience the love of Jesus through forgiveness, encouragement, and service.  Jesus Christ desires for all people to be drawn by the Holy Spirit into congregational life, and the people of Holy Trinity hope that you will come to be part of this church community.  Designated individuals on the Board of Elders are responsible for overseeing this area of ministry. 


Here are a couple of the following ways to serve in the congregation: 


Church Council 


School Board 

Altar Guild 

Worship Reader 

Audio / Video Live Stream Team 

Children’s Message for Worship 

Sunday School Teacher